Friday, January 15, 2010

Plant Dreams and a Distraction with Pretty Dresses

I can't sleep because mostly because I'm a night owl and this is my prime time and partly because I've got a major case of the heebie jeebies going on.  So instead of trying to sleep I'm up reading blogs, lusting over dresses and designing my free calendar poster collage courtesy of Snapfish.  Even though I didn't know I needed a calendar poster collage until tonight.  See how productive one can be at midnight?  

So to the heebie jeebies... You know how dreams are usually all over the place and don't make much sense?  And you usually can't remember the details in the morning?  Well my dreams are extremely vivid and intense.  Which has its pros and cons.  

Last night I had this uber scary crazy dream where there was a hole in the wall of my bedroom, but not all the way through to the other side of the wall.  Just through one side of the drywall.  And in it?  There were plants growing.  Delicate, tiny-leafed, viney plants.  Which is fine and dandy until I realize that I have a similar hole in my forehead and the same plants are growing inside my head.  Now what I'm thinking is where is my brain if these plants are growing behind my eyeballs?  Which is a totally valid question, right?  Which is followed by I have to cut these things out of my head!  Which is followed by how do I cut them out without damaging my non-existent brain?!  So at some point in all of this freaking out, Hubs puts Band Aids across the hole and tries to get me to my Dad aka medical help.  

 End scene.  

The alarm goes off and I wake up and have actual goosebumps all over my body as a result of this bat crazy dream.  Good news is that I soon forget about it all in the hustle of the day.  But after dinner I remembered it again and now ohmygosh I can't forget it.  

So as I'm writing this I know how incredibly lame-oh this must sound.  I mean, it sounds that way to me.  But what does it mean!?  And why is it haunting me?

In an attempt to distract myself and now you since I know you're wondering why the hell did you just read about my stupid plant dream I will share with you this goodness:

Ouma Clothing

Did it work?  Are you sufficiently distracted?  Here's hoping so!

PS - Leave me a comment and interpret my dream.  Oh there I go again...



Mrs. Hanson said...

I have no comments on the dream!! Sorry girl... :) :)

And you did distract me afterwards.... love those pics :) :) :)

Saskia said...

Ergh I hate dreams like that. HATE THEM!!! What oh what do we think of the day before to cause us to have such creepy images in our dreams?!

The second photo is amazing.. wow. I'm off to check out the Ouma etsy shop.


Danya said...

Well E. I do have 2 cents on your dream. My two cents is for you to take your lunch break and walk to your local drugstore and buy a stick. You know what I mean.

Exhibit A:

Maybe you'll want to run.....

Lulu said...

I'm not sure what to say about the dream, but I would still love you if you had dainty little green leaves growing out of your head.

Those photos are SUCH perfect eye candy! Makes me wish I had a '50s-ish vintage wedding, complete with Grease-style prom dresses for the 'maids! Swoon.

Miss you, E! Big plans tis 3-day weekend?

Lulu said...

Oh, and P.S. Danya's post above made my JAW drop... I say it's time to hit the Walgreens stat?

Or, I've also been thinking- maybe you're just subconciously wishing you lived inside Avatar? HAHAHA ;)

Lovers you.

Sierra said...

Ohhh I always love Etsy finds and that plant dream was well, interesting. But my dreams are weird too, crazy how our minds can be huh?!

Happy weekend!

G said...

I just spent like 30 min on that etsy link. best thing I've ever seen. I can not wait to order one.

Tom Bailey said...

Dream interpetation - buy some houseplants.. or at least consider it.

Tom Bailey

Melissa said...

Gah! I hate it when scary dreams ruin a good nights sleep. Love the dresses though!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That shop distracts me constantly! Tulle heaven!

MissBliss said...

love love love the dress!

Hi Erin!

happy March!

Nishant said...

i love that the dress!
PPC Advertising India

Freck said...

Those dresses are adorable!!