Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Again

First off, for those who have sent me kind messages (or nudged me in person): THANK YOU!
My mind has not stopped composing the posts, it's the rest of me that fails to get them onto the screen.

The past few months, I have....

Watched my brother marry the love of his life
Been honored to be a bridesmaid for my newly official sister-in-law
Read at the wedding ceremony of a best friend
Travelled to Denver twice (and Vail once!)
Spent time in Payson with my family
Turned 29
Celebrated Hubs' 29th birthday
Attended the midnight premiere of Eclipse with my aunt and cousin
Chaperoned a high school field trip (and yes, the kids thought I was a friend of my cousin, not a chaperone)
Spent hours creating, planning and crafting with my mom and Sara Cate
Sang, danced, cried, loved
Made many, many new friends

Today I am....

Still recovering from the excitement of Casey and Sara Cate's awesome wedding weekend
At work, unfortunately
Very excited to see family who is still in town

Future plans...

Attend BlogHer in NYC next month with an old friend and {officially} meet some new ones

So, sweet friends, what have you all been up to? Fill me in!



Lindsey said...

Wow! You have been busy. I came out of the blog closet and have given my real identity and I finally had my baby. Check out his blog!
Oh, and I put Weathering the Storms to rest :)

Stephanie said...

I've MISSED you! I feel like I have no idea what's been going on in your life. Goodness gracious!

Look how busy you've been! I bet BlogHer will be fun! Anything in NYC is always fun ;)

Milltini said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you in NYC!