Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music is the soundtrack of our lives

If I could have one wish, something to change about myself, I wouldn't change much.  But I wish I had a good voice.  

So this has been a big week in music for me. 

First off, Sunday night we went to see The Phantom of The Opera.  It's playing in Tempe at Arizona State's campus.  I've seen a few musicals in my life, but of all that I've seen, Phantom is my absolute favorite.  The singing! The story! The dancing!

The show was amazing.  I sang every word under my breath, I laughed, I cried, I nudged my dear Hubs who willingly went along.

And then tonight...

I watch The 43rd Annual CMA Awards.  Now, for any of you all who don't know, I'm referring to the Country Music Association awards.  This Arizona girl was raised on country music.  There was a time when I thought it wasn't "cool" enough to admit to my friends, but now?  Heck yes!  Give me country music over Kanye any day (yes, that was a direct reference *ahem, Kanye*).  

There is nothing I love more than singing along to America's music.  I have been singing into my remote control microphone all night.  I've laughed, I've cheered, I've even gotten a little choked up (standing ovation for our armed forces?  on Veteran's Day?  Duh).  I love hearing the newcomers just the same as the good ole guys and gals.  

So for those of you who don't share my passion for country music, I'll cut to the chase.  If you could have anyone's voice from any time/genre/etc, who would you choose?

Me? I wish I had Jennifer Nettles' voice.  Hands down, that girl can rock!