Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweetest Post

Ya'll have to check this post out.  It's from Ashley Paige at I Love You More Than Carrots.  It's a letter to her very-soon-to-be-born son.  It is so sweet it will warm your heart.  Enjoy!

Start here for an explanation of her blog name (which is also a sweet story).

Then read her letter to her son here.

Happy Friday, lovelies!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Those days, those games

I'm having one of those know the ones.

Either you're burnt out or distracted or just not feeling 100%. Today is one of those days for me. I just can't seem to concentrate on my task at hand, my mind wandering to something else I should be doing...or better yet, just wandering. It might be that I'm tired, or excited (BlogHer is only 1 week away!) or maybe I just had too much caffeine.

Either way, I play these games with myself to stick through the day. "After lunch if I'm not feeling it, I'll go home." And then lunch comes and goes and I'm still here, plugging away. "At 3pm I'll leave early." And then 3pm comes and goes and I'm still here, plugging away. I never actually go home early. But somehow these games make me feel better. Like I have an 'out.'

Do you ever have these days? What do you do to cope?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year

A year ago today you celebrated your 25th birthday....

Who knew what a ride your 25th year of life would be?

From cancer treatments to an engagement to a beautiful wedding, this is a year that will stand out in time.  

I'm thankful not only that my brother has found his equal, his partner in life, but also that I have a new sister, a friend for life.


Happy 26th Birthday, Sara Cate!  

Here's to a future full of love and laughter.

All my love,
Miss E

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception, Stinkin' Hot and a Scorpion Sting

So you saw in this post how busy I've been over the past few months. This weekend was the first in a while that we were free. And by free I mean, free to clean the house and tackle the piles of laundry.

We did manage to sneak away for a movie on Friday night to see Inception. If you haven't seen it, you must go - no, run - to the theatre as soon as possible. This movie was awesome. And not only because of my favorite, Leonardo DiCaprio (I've had a mad crush on him since Romeo + Juliet days, sigh). But mostly because this movie makes the audience think.

Have y'all seen it? How do you think it ends?? I have how I want it to end and then how I believe it really ends. Just can't seem to match those two up.

Saturday we ran some errands and then came home to lay around and watch a move clean. Now Saturday was a hot day (even for AZ standards). After 30 minutes of not being able to cool off inside, we checked our thermostat. It read 4 degrees hotter than the set temperature. I'm sure you can imagine where this one is going. We slept that night in our steamy 90 degree house, praying that the service man would actually show at 8am as he said. We all did a happy dance (dogs included, I've never seen the poor things pant so much) when the doorbell rang at 7:30am. A hefty check written for a temporary fix but at least we have a cool house again! Once it cooled off, we finally got to the business of cleaning, etc.

Oh and on top of all that, I got stung by a scorpion on Saturday night! The first time for this native Phoenician! I don't believe it was the bad kind since the numbness/tingling only traveled up the front of my foot/leg, below my knee. I survived, nonetheless, and am completely back to normal as of today.

So we had quite the weekend! What about you? Any other eventful weekends out there?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Again

First off, for those who have sent me kind messages (or nudged me in person): THANK YOU!
My mind has not stopped composing the posts, it's the rest of me that fails to get them onto the screen.

The past few months, I have....

Watched my brother marry the love of his life
Been honored to be a bridesmaid for my newly official sister-in-law
Read at the wedding ceremony of a best friend
Travelled to Denver twice (and Vail once!)
Spent time in Payson with my family
Turned 29
Celebrated Hubs' 29th birthday
Attended the midnight premiere of Eclipse with my aunt and cousin
Chaperoned a high school field trip (and yes, the kids thought I was a friend of my cousin, not a chaperone)
Spent hours creating, planning and crafting with my mom and Sara Cate
Sang, danced, cried, loved
Made many, many new friends

Today I am....

Still recovering from the excitement of Casey and Sara Cate's awesome wedding weekend
At work, unfortunately
Very excited to see family who is still in town

Future plans...

Attend BlogHer in NYC next month with an old friend and {officially} meet some new ones

So, sweet friends, what have you all been up to? Fill me in!