Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is a post about Gossip Girl. If you don't care, please stop reading. Hubs, you don't have to read it, it's ok! :)
I just watched Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl and I must say that I am not loving the whole Blair & Nate thing that's going on. I know they have to create some suspense and develop a story line, but we've been waiting too long for Blair & Chuck to figure it out.
Yes, this might have something to do with the fact that I heart Chuck (as I've mentioned before) and very often wish my life were as exciting, dark and glamorous as the kids' from GG. Soirees, cocktails, lavish dinners...I remember a lot more of SCHOOL when I was their age. And less fashion sense...and acne....but I digress....
C'mon, though, they have to get it right at some point! Stop killing us with the suspense!

Rant over. That is all.

xoxo Miss E

Monday, April 27, 2009

She Thinks It Was Her Fault

THE. MOST. HEARTWRENCHING. POST. YOU. WILL. EVER. READ: Oh dear God, my heart aches for Shana's loss. Please hug your loved ones a little tighter in honor of sweet Thalon. I pray for healing and happier times ahead. xoxo Miss E

The Stockholm Syndrome

I saw this on Sweetney's site today. So funny. Since I can't find the time to commit to a nightly show (this may be why my exercise regime is never adhered to) I have to wait for others to inform me of the must-see bits. Whatever your political persuasion may be, you will find this at the very least amusing. I won't get onto a political soapbox here, but I will say that competition breeds excellence. Something to ponder. Part I: Part II: xoxo Miss E

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Season Is Upon Us

Just a quick post and then I'm off to bed...(and I know I owe you all more than that, I've been MIA for while...gasp!) Maybe a recap of a certain blogger's big day will serve as my apology?
Lulu's wedding was AMAZING. It was a great ceremony - in a beautiful church - and had the perfect mix of solemn and light-hearted. We then headed to the historic Arizona Biltmore Resort for the outdoor garden reception. Hubs described it as "Nantucket chic" (Surprisingly the perfect way to describe it). Everyone wore bright, spring-colored dresses to complement the yellows of the bridal party. Mama Martini even wore an a-mazing hat to match her teal dress. Old college friends were in town to help celebrate the big event. But most of all, Lulu was radiant. She looked beautiful and her happiness was infectious. While dancing* in a big circle she mouthed to us "This is the best day of my life." I was so proud to be able to share it with her in all her happiness.
*the girl boogey-ed in her dress!
And in true Arizona spring/wedding fashion, Hubs and I will be heading to another wedding this weekend. This time, one of our best friends (and the Best Man from our wedding) will tie the knot. I can't wait!
Funny how I was such the anti-bride, but I have so enjoyed my friends' weddings. In fairness, mine was the first wedding of most all of my friends and I was overwhelmed with being the center of attention. And the decisions - oh the decisions to be made. Overwhelmed was the perfect way to describe it. I wish I had known about all of the wedding blogs 5 years much inspiration, advice, tips. Luckily, my wonderful and ever-talented mom was able to translate "Miss E language" into "wedding language" and that day turned out perfectly. Exactly what I wanted.
Well I'm off, lovelies. Please stop by Wearing Mascara's new site. She recently made the switch to Wordpress and is hosting a fabulous giveaway! You should read her if you don't already...she is such a kind, funny, smart chica and I always look forward to her posts.
Miss E

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lights and Tunnels

So I know yesterday's post was a downer and I'm sorry for that. I just had to get it off my chest. I'm better today, I promise. I actually have very exciting news to share. Hubs called me during work. Immediately thinking something was wrong, I called back. He told me about his lunch meeting with an attorney that he knows. {This is not a huge development on its own as he has been filling his days with lunches and meetings with attorneys he knows for networking and job hunting. Oh, and the occasional full day of shenanigans with his friends. (btw, do you see a trend with my exasperation and poker night recaps?)} Anyway, so I'm listening - and wandering the halls at work - and then he hits me with it: He got hired for contract work with this firm. He starts tomorrow afternoon. Oh my gosh, wait, what?! Can you repeat that because I think it deserves bold and capital letters? HE GOT HIRED FOR CONTRACT WORK WITH A LOCAL FIRM! I'm so incredibly excited for him. Since finishing school and The Bar, he's been chomping at the bit to get going already with work. For those who don't know Hubs personally, he is the guy with the impeccably-matched suits, shirts, ties, briefcase, business card holder, cufflinks, etc. He has been waiting for the day he goes to work like some in Blogland long for the days of being SAHMs. {I, personally, am neither here nor there on any of the above mentioned issue...just want a comparison that we all understand.} We all know the state of These Hard Times (thanks Legallyblondemel for the perfect way to put it!) and there is no exception for attorneys. Especially fresh, brand new, just starting out associates. We've been concerned about his job hunt as if I have to endure another week of shenanigans* I might go crazy it's tough out there right now. He knows many good, fresh outta school attorneys who are still looking. And the student loans will need to be paid back sooner rather than later. *Disclaimer: I do joke about the shenanigans as the poor boy worked his tail off for 3 years and endured 2+ months of agonizing Bar prep to get to this point. He deserves a break! I'm so proud of him! It'll help get us through this interminable wait-for-the-results time period (which will last until mid-May). A sign of the metaphorical "light at the end of the tunnel" and all that. We're one step closer. xoxo A very happy Miss E

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too Much To Handle

This morning as I was driving into work, I was listening to the radio. Pretty typical day, right? My favorite morning DJ's were at their usual Wednesday morning madness which consists of Confession Wednesday. People call in and confess their deepest, darkest secrets to win concert tickets. Usually involves affairs with a sister-in-law or illegitimate children. Personally not one of my favorite segments, but generally entertaining nonetheless. This morning there was a guy who confessed to witnessing a murder that took place 21 years ago in Ohio or Kentucky or somewhere. He detailed the whole event, and repeatedly assured us that he did not have anything to do with it (but he threw an egg at the bound and tied naked kid and watched the others throw him into a lake - but the confessor thought the victim would be ok. HE THOUGHT HE WOULD BE OK IN A BODY OF WATER WITH HIS HANDS AND LEGS TIED WITH ROPE...) My point? The guy won Kelly Clarkson concert tickets. Are you FING kidding me? 21 years of heart-wrenching guilt holding this secret all for KELLY CLARKSON TICKETS? What is this world coming to? But there's more... I get to my desk and pull up my usual: email, risk systems, Google Reader, Twitter. I read the devastating news about beautiful Madeline Alice Spohr. {I won't link to the blog since the host has suspended it due to high traffic. Yes, I IM'ed the webhost to voice my complaint on the suspension. The tech was very nice and supportive but assured me there was nothing they could do to unsuspend at this time. Please visit Maddie's March of Dimes website here.} Oh my gosh, this day is too much to handle. I want to go home and crawl back into bed. My heart is simply broken for the Spohr family. The outpouring of love on the web for this poor family is uplifting - and I'm taking comfort in the rising donation amount on Maddie's behalf on the MOD website - her sweet life will be honored and remembered. The March of Dimes is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. One day soon I will tell you about Tatum Rachel, who was taken from us too soon. No, not my child, but the daughter of my very best friend - a friend who is more like a sister to me, a friend who I grew up with so closely that we should have been related. One day soon when I don't want to run back to bed at only 10:00am.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Slice of Heaven

When I think back on where March went, I have to blame it on Spring Break. Although my brother is the only one of us still in school, we planned a Spring Break vacay around his schedule. All 7 of us (Mom, Dad, Gram, Hubs, Bro and his girlfriend) converged upon this little slice of heaven for a week of relaxation.
Now I guess it's time to get those taxes done! {sigh} Hello, April....back to reality!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The More Things Change....

So remember forever ago when I went to Denver to meet up with my college girlfriends? As promised, here are the pics!
We ate in some great restaurants, visited Boulder, toured the Coors factory, went out in the city, and most importantly spent quality time* with some of my favorite people.
*Yes, quality time did consist of a throwback-to-college game of Asshole. Don't judge!
Touring Boulder
Bolder Boulder!
The group outside Coors
Walking around Cherry Creek
I love that the old adage rings true: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." We are living in different cities, we have significant others and new friends that have blessed our lives, we've grown up...but we still have each other. And sometimes there's nothing better than good 'ole friends.
Miss E

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

In addition to winning my first blog award, I also won my first giveaway! It was held by the one and only Cassandra at Coco+Kelley, a daily must read. Seriously, if you don't read her blog already, YOU MUST!
Check out my big win:
Isn't it the best!?! I had been coveting one of these headbands for awhile...I guess it was meant to be!
Many thanks to Cassandra for hosting such an awesome giveaway.
Denver recap finally up next!
Miss E