Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So that call I was waiting on? It finally came late yesterday afternoon. What a long time to wait in suspense. The relief I felt at getting her call was quickly overshadowed by the fact that I now have a very important meeting today at 11am. Today.

Please send some good (intelligent, calming, confident) vibes my way.

T minus 1.5 hours.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Just call me Bridget...

I'm at work, waiting on a phone call that will help to shape the future of my career. And I type that with full realization of the melodrama dripping from the words. But I am nothing if not a little overly dramatic about the happenings of my life. But I digress....

Here's the situation: I'm not sitting at my own desk, next to my own phone line. Rather, I'm sitting at another desk in another department, waiting for a phone call from a person sitting one row away from me. I'm sitting in her department, waiting for a phone call at my usual desk. I've called my extension about 850 times this morning, just to check. I'm Bridget Jones in the opening scene of the first movie (one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time), repeatedly checking her messages. You have no new messages. Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying to listen for activity from the next row, trying to hear some clue as to what hangs in my future. But, you now, without anyone actually catching on to my spying ways.

So there you have it. All this working me up into a tizzy and it's only 11am. On Monday.

So, lovelies, please entertain me....a joke, a story, tabloid gossip, whatever. Anything to distract me from myself.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BlogHer Weekend Recap

I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to New York this past weekend to attend the annual BlogHer Conference.  All I can say is... what an adventure!

The fun started early last Wednesday morning when my real-life friend Lulu of The Dirty Martini Diaries and I caught the first flight from Phoenix to New York.  We got in a cab and headed to the city to drop our bags at the hotel and head out for Indian food (our favorite!).  Erin of Blue-Eyed Bride and Mojito Maven of Make Mine a Mojito had already checked into the room and were headed to dinner and Billy Elliott.   Except.... (and this is the amazingness of those crazy serendipitous moments)...when our cab pulled in front of the hotel to let us out, who was in line next to get in our cab?  Erin and MM!  What are the odds?  And despite (me) never having met them in person, we recognized each other and gave hugs before they jumped into the now empty cab and hurried to their dinner.  

Lulu and I had an awesome dinner at Tamba and then made our way to Central Park South to Whiskey Park for a drink and to meet up with the girls.   

The rest of the weekend consisted of awesome dinners at these fine establishments, meeting great bloggers in person {here's looking at you, Millitini, PaisleyPearls, Slynnro, Kristabella, Regan, and Amy from ABCD Design to name a few}, picking up swag at the Expo, attending a few parties, laughter and fun!

One of my favorite memories will always be sitting in Robert at the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle, enjoying the city lights, drinks, cheese and new friendships.  Well, that memory and maybe also this one...

Because what doesn't bond you faster than wearing McDonald's bags on your heads at the CheeseburgHer party?

Thanks for an amazing trip, girls.  I love you all so much and am so excited for our next adventures!