Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working Girl

I'm finally at the point in my job where I've been with my company for about a year.  I am no longer the "newbie."  I have established myself as a strong leader, hard worker and dedicated team member. I am helping in the hiring process of our new associates, both internal and external, and working on several projects to help further my team.  

The amazing part is that I never believed I'd get to this point again.  I was disheartened when my former company - a large banking institution - went under last summer.  I had worked so hard, made so many connections and proved myself as a young woman with a bright future.  To have all of that swept away in a short amount of time was a lot to handle.  Top that with many of my co-workers being worse off than me (I emotionally shared their pain and troubles), some moving states and one even attempting to take his life and you can imagine I was a complete mess.  Oh, and Hubs was preparing for his final semester of law school and the ramp up to the bar.  

What can I take away from all of this?  Of course, the old adage rings true: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  No doubt that is true.  But I also learned - and am continuing to fully grasp - my own strength.  The strength of a {sheltered} girl from Scottsdale, the strength of a strong and compassionate woman, the strength of a young wife and future mother.  I am thankful for these trials and for the lessons I've learned.  Not only because I worked to help my family through a very transitional period in our new, young life, but also because I excelled at it, I loved it, I thrived at it.  



Domestic Diva said...

Way to go!! I always say.. you can't have the sweet with out the sour. So very happy for you!!
xxx me

Brown Girl said...

Congrats to you, nothing better than feeling like you are being taken serious at work and not just the newbie anymore!

Jackie said...

Go Miss E!

Unknown said...

awesome!!! not everyone can say that! -Mary

MissBliss said...

YOU Rock!!! way to go for taking time to see the achievements, too... celebrate those regularly!