Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What A Weekend!

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Friday morning I woke up with the chills and knew I was either suffering from something drywall-smell-related (due to the recent drywalling of our master closet) or I had caught the bug that my dad had earlier in the week.  By 5am it was confirmed: stomach flu.

Hubs took me to my parents house (our house is still being worked on so there was no rest to be had there) on his way to work and I camped out on their couch.  I was worried about dehydration affecting the baby again, so I called my OB and she phoned in a prescription for Zofran.  Thankfully, that is a miracle drug.  I was able to keep down Pedialyte and chicken noodle soup.

Saturday was more of the same - hanging out on the couch, watching TV and sleeping. 

Sunday we slept in, started laundry and planned to meet my parents and Gram for lunch only to find out that someone had broken into our car on our driveway and stolen Hubs' briefcase.  Yes, at our new house.  In an otherwise-safe neighborhood.

So Sunday afternoon went from laid back to frantic in 0.2 seconds.  We called the police, insurance company, banks and alerted the credit bureaus (he had checks, an old ID and work things in the briefcase). 

Thankfully the window was replaced by Monday afternoon.  Just in enough time for a celebration in honor of my mom's birthday.  We met up with my parents and Gram to see Just Go With It.  It's funny, sweet and predictable - exactly what we needed to finish out a crazy weekend!

How was your weekend/Valentine's Day, lovelies?


Rhi said...

OH NO! I had a bit of a stomach bug on Sunday, which really got in the way of my pre-Valentine's Day gluttony. Boo.

But, I'm feeling better now and hope you are too!

Karen said...

Oh goodness what a weekend! Glad you are feeling better. The stomach flu is going around here trying my best to stay healthy. Hopefully this is a better week!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh no - that's terrible! Both in regards to the flu and the break-in. I hope that they catch those punks!