Saturday, February 7, 2009

Go Suns!

Our great friends gave us tickets to the Suns game Fri night (thanks D&T!). We ate dinner in downtown Phoenix at a Jamaican restaurant called The Breadfruit. I highly recommend it if you are looking for healthy, flavorful, quick food downtown.

At the arena they were handing out Shaq swag - a huge jersey of sorts that you know you will never wear. But of course I took it and swung it over my purse. At half time, waiting for The Hubs to buy a round of deliciously overpriced Bud Lights, a guy came up and offered me money for the jersey. How could I resist?

The Suns won, we had a great time and I hustled for $20 (or something like that...ha!). Here's a pic of us...I'm holding a receipt on which I wrote a thank you to our friends. I wanted to send them the pic during the game but you can't see the words! Nice try but no cigar.
Miss E

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Jake & Mary said...! your mobile upload from the game was cute. can't wait for Thurs!! *Mary*