Friday, February 27, 2009

Gram Online

So remember this post where I talked about my wonderful Grammy on her birthday? I forwarded her the link to the post as she now has a computer and is receiving lessons from the family on how to use it. She can successfully navigate the TV Food Network website and play Hearts, but learning Gmail has been a bit more of a challenge. Or so I thought... So I forwarded her the post to read, thinking I would have to help her the next time I was at her house. Later that day, I received an email back from her saying:
Dear Miss E, I read your blog and the nice things you wrote about me. Now I have to live up to all of the nice things you said about me. Love, Gram
Props to Grammy for use of Gmail AND Blogger! What, will Facebook be next?


Designher Momma said...

that is awesome! I just got my Dad on his own laptop but I think he's been hesitant to embrace it.

Too fun...

Lulu said...

That is SO precious! Gram will be blogging in no time... haha!

Happy Friday!