Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a girl thing

{Scene: In the car} Miss E frantically applying mascara at a red light. The Hubs is watching the expert application. So far so good. And then he opens his mouth...
Whoa, I just saw your eyelashes grow! They were so thin and short before you put that on! It's like magic!
Yes, dear, thank you for pointing that out. Now you know why I spend $20 a tube. Magic. {End scene}


Aliya said...

I hope you weren't using your eyelash curler while in the car.. that could be disastrous!! haha :)

Jake & Mary said...

do you keep your mouth open while applying?! it's impossible not to!
I so want to see Shopaholic - keep me posted!
Squish is still crying cuz she heard you tell her she was disgusting. Which she is but we still like her :)

TheCralls said...

Love it! Haha! What's that magical stuff you use...bride to be would love to know! :)