Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

As of 5:00 tonight the Bar is officially over! To celebrate we are going to Postino's Wine Bar in Arcadia to celebrate with some friends. I have also planned a shindig for Saturday night at a local bar to get the group together. The theme of the party is "Hubs' Return to Reality Post-Bar Party." Kinda sums it up, huh? He's looking forward to seeing friends & family, playing Xbox 360 doing chores around the house, and relaxing meeting with prospective employers. In honor of the exam, here is an examencito of my own. It is only one question. Please select the best possible answer. Miss E is *ecstatic* that she no longer has to: a) tippy toe through her house in fear of disturbing the studying process b) bite her tongue and not share every last thought that crosses her pretty little mind c) take care of EVERY LAST blessed household duty on her own d) all of the above If you guessed d you are correct! xoxo Miss E


Good Gals Inc said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!! I added yours to my google reader! Can't wait to read more.

Mrs. Jetplane said...

Congrats! Enjoy celebrating.

Lulu said...

Big congratulations!!!!!! Fingers crossed that all goes well (I'm sure it will!!!) Can't wait to see you in March!